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Fascist Finder: Adopt A Local Fascist Today!

Fascist Finder is a resource to locate and expose Fascists in Canada. Inspired by the Pet Finder website to find pets up for adoption, Fascist Finder aims to comically and sarcastically compare local fascists to adoptable pets and gives visitors the chance to 'adopt' one. The adoption will be in the form of a donation to an anti-racist/anti-fascist organization and you will have the choice to have an email sent to the chosen fascist with the amount donated to the organization in their name. For example if you choose to 'adopt' Shawn Beauvais-Macdonald, a well-known neo-Nazi who attended the fascist demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, you could make a donation to an organization in his name and have an email sent to him thanking him for his generosity.

Fascist Of The Month

Eric Proulx

Eric Proulx.png

Meet Eric! He was abandoned at a young age and developed a fear of all other dogs, barking incessantly at them. It has also been discovered that he is particularly aggressive with females. He was recently rescued and is now going through intensive integration and obedience training. He’s not house-trained yet, so he still wets himself from time to time, but we are confident he will soon learn how to control himself. This little furball is going to need a home that has the time and energy to train him. If you’re ready to, adopt him today!

Fascists For Adoption

- QUEBEC - Current

- QUEBEC - Upcoming

- Ontario - Upcoming

- ALBERTA - Current

- Alberta - Upcoming

- Manitoba - Upcoming

- Saskatchewan - Upcoming

Adoption Form

Once you've made your choice of fascist to adopt please fill out this form to let us know who you've chosen and which organization you would like to donate to.